6000 Series English Unit Optical Tooling Scales

6000 Series English Unit Optical Tooling Scales
Ships in 2 Weeks

The last word in alignment accuracy

These scales are used with our optical instruments to measure the precise distance of any object from the line of sight.  Then, since the line of sight effectively establishes an extremely straight reference line, alignments between different objects (such as machine components, foundations, rollers, etc.) are quantifiable.

Our scales have optical targets evenly spaced every 0.100". The optical micrometer on an instrument works as a vernier, displacing the line of sight laterally. Using this displacement, the reticle is "brought into register" with the nearest target on the scale, and the precise displacement is read directly from the graduated micrometer drum. By adding or subtracting the micrometer's reading from the scale position, a precise measurement is made. 

More scale information is available on our website regarding the patterns, features, and targeting characteristics that we use.

All of our scales except the 40" size are graduated throughout their stated length. The 40" scales are blank over the lower 19½" and are graduated over the upper 20½" (see image left). Each scale is shipped in a vinyl sheath. A number of accessories are available for use with our scales (listed at the bottom of this page). These include magnetic holders, levels, and special adapters. Also included is our line of Invar extension tubing, available in many different configurations to suit your measurement needs.  The table below gives you the model numbers and lengths of our standard scales.

Model Length Pattern
6003 3" K+E
6005 5" Brunson
6010 10" K+E
6020 20" K+E
6040 40" K+E
6061 3", 10", 20" and 40" K+E
An illustration of the scale patterns is below - the K+E pattern is shown left, and the Brunson pattern shown right. For a handy assortment of scales (3", 10", 20", and 40") packaged in a high impact ABS plastic case, have a look at our model 6061.
K+E Pattern Brunson Pattern

Target spacings:

3", 10", 20", and 40" scales: 0.004", 0.010", 0.025", and 0.060"
5" scale: 0.005", 0.010", 0.025", and 0.050" 

May Be Used With

562-A Magnetic Scale Holder
562-41 Magnetic Scale Holder (for 40" scale)
562-VA V-Block
563, 563-40 Scale Levels
15-002 Roll Rider
803-x Invar Scale Extension Kits

Accuracy ±0.001"
Finish Matte white background, black graduations and numbers, non-glare topcoat
Major Divisions 1"
Material Hardened tool steel
Minor Divisions 0.100"
Width in 1″ for all scales 20″ long or shorter (40″ scale is 1.5″ wide)
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