198-1 Trivet 5" (13 cm)

Ships in 2 Weeks

For table-top applications or very low setups

The 198-1 trivet provides a convenient means of setting up instruments on surface plates, machine tables, the floor, or any place where the line of sight is close to the supporting surface.

The mounting ring has a standard 3½"-8 external thread for instrument mounting as well as a 2.825"-20 internal thread, which is the same as on the intermediate tubes of our heavy duty stands.

A number of our products fit on the 198-1, however, simple reasonable care must be taken to prevent the assembly from becoming top­heavy.

May Be Used With

800 Precision Lift
235-16 Dovetail Adapter

273-4 Coordinate Motion Base

Any product having an internal 3½"-8 thread

Body Material Cast Iron
Finish Machine Grey
Instrument Mount Height 5" (127 mm)
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