188 Auto Reflection Target

Ships in 2 Weeks

Fits Brunson-type Transits

The model 188 is a multiple paired-line glass target used with transits or levels equipped for autocollimation (having a light source).

Slipped on the objective end of the instrument, it allows the setting of the telescope perpendicular to a mirror. Adjustments are provided to permit centering the target pattern on the optical axis of the transit (two opposing pairs of setscrews set at right angles allow you to adjust the position of the glass target).

You may also wish to read more about our transits or have a look at available transits. The 188 is classified as National Stock Number (NSN) 6650-D50-0064.

May Be Used With

76-RH Transit
545-x Precision Tilting Level

Also the following discontinued transits: 75-H, 771-H, 376RHN

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