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Portable Industrial Stands for Laser Trackers, Articulating Arms, Laser Projectors, Scanners, Total Stations, Theodolites, and more.


When customers asked Brunson to engineer a lightweight industrial stand, they turned to one of the strongest structural elements known - a pre-stressed tetrahedron for ultimate stability. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the TetraLock and the TetraLock Lite include pad feet, a choice of thread adapter, and a duffel style carrying bag. These portable stands can be checked in as luggage or stowed in the trunk, and used on tables or platforms.

Engineered for extreme stability, the lightweight TetraLock stand weighs just over 20 lbs. with a maximum height of 47". Due to the TetraLock's unique design, no joint movement is possible when locked in the open position. The TetraLock Lite featherweight stand weighs in at 16.2 lbs. also with a maximum height of 47". It deploys rapidly by tightening a locking plate under its mounting ring.

Both designs offer the best price/performance ratio in the marketplace.


The height of the stand is adjusted by releasing quick-action levers and setting each telescoping leg to the desired length. Index marks on the legs provide visual guides when doing this. Each leg is outfitted with a "pad style" foot. The TetraLock may be purchased with one of three thread mounts: 3½"-8, 5/8"-11, or 3/8"-16. A duffel style canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap is also included with the stand.

  • Bubble level (on TetraLock only)
  • Easy transport, fast setup
  • Cross braces are rotated down and snap into place, secured with knurled, collet-style clamps. This forces the stand into a pre-stressed, pyramid-like shape, locking each leg against a positive stop.
  • The more economical Tetralock Lite deploys by tightening a locking plate under its mounting ring.
  • Each stand is collapsible for storage, yet has no movement within its joints when locked in the open position.


Weight, TetraLock Lite: 16.2 lbs. (7.3 kg)
Weight, TetraLock: 20.6 lbs. (9.6 kg)
Min/Max height: 29.5 in (75 cm) / 47 in (119 cm)
Min/Max footprint: 32 in (81 cm) / 61 in (155 cm)
Max Load: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)
Material: Aluminum and stainless steel
Finish: Clear anodize and paint
Carrying case: Duffel style canvas bag with strap handle

Included items

The TetraLock and TetraLock Lite products include pad feet, duffel style carrying bag, owner's manual, and your choice of thread mount (see chart below).

PN Stand type Thread mount
400L-D-T1 TetraLock Lite 3½"-8
400L-D-T2 TetraLock Lite 5/8"-11
400L-D-T3 TetraLock Lite 3/8"-16
400S-D-T1 TetraLock 3½"-8
400S-D-T2 TetraLock 5/8"-11
400S-D-T3 TetraLock 3/8"-16


EasyConnect EasyConnect®
The EasyConnect (240-2) creates a fast and easy way to connect and disconnect your instrument from a standard 3½"-8 thread mount.
400S-D point feet You can customize your stand with our Point Feet (9888-G2).
  Optional wheels (400A-W) are engaged and disengaged simply by unlocking the telescoping leg and rotating it, putting the wheel in an upper or lower position. Wheel options must be installed at the factory.
400A-LT Laptop Shelf Our Laptop Shelf (400A-LT) gives you a convenient location on which to put your computer in close proximity to your measurement instrument. It is easily installed with a single connecting point under the head of the stand.

Our laptop shelf is often requested by our customers, but such accessories must be used wisely when pursuing high accuracy measurements. This accessory is not compatible with the TetraLock Lite.


Check our Application Matrix to determine which TetraLock stand is compatible with your instrument. If you do not see your device listed or require further information, please contact our customer service department at 877-MEASURE.
Device Type TetraLock TetraLock Lite
Theodolite Y Y
Total station Y Y
Laser projector Y Y
Short range imagers and scanners Y Y
Long range imagers and scanners Y Y
Optical portable CMM Y Y
Articulating arms1 Y N
Laser tracker2 Y Y
Laser radar Y N
Indoor GPS Y Y

1 Arms up to 6 feet with no scanner accessories
2 Specifics apply, call for details

May also be used with these Brunson products:

 Works with EasyConnect

Industry Applications

TetraLock industrial stands are ideal for portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs) and survey instrumentation weighing up to 125 lbs., such as articulating arms, laser projectors, scanners, total stations, theodolites, and more. Check out our Application Matrix table above for instrument compatibility with the TetraLock stands.

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