237 "Groundhog" 7"- 37" (18-94 cm)

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42 days
Ships in 10 Weeks

Handy for Very Low Setups

The 237 is ideal for general shop applications and assembly areas where very low, very stable setups are required. This stand employs a scissors-type lifting mechanism which easily moves its heavy-duty aluminum framework into any working position between 7" (17.8 cm) and 37" (94 cm), as measured from the floor to the instrument interface surface. This height specification does not include the added height and range of any of our stand accessories or instrument adapters. The flexibility and mobility offered by the 237 allows alignment and leveling operations near the floor as well as at average surface plate heights.

The 237 metrology stand provides a standard 3½"-8 external thread for instrument mounting and also has the same 2.825"-20 internal threads as the intermediate tubes in a number of our other stands. (See below for a list of compatible products.)

The base is cast iron for strength and stability; the superstructure is aluminum for maximum rigidity with minimum weight. The instrument mount is raised and lowered by a recirculating ball nut lead screw. The stand may be locked in any position. A foot pedal engages or disengages three casters; when these casters are retracted, the stand rests on three adjustable trivet points with lock screws. This makes it possible to rough-level the stand on uneven surfaces.

As shown below, the 237 "groundhog" stand may be lowered to within a few inches of the floor, or secured in any position up to its full height.

237 standMay Be Used With

Any product having an internal 3½"-8 thread
235-16 Dovetail Adapter
273-4 Coordinate Lateral Adjuster
800 Precision Lift
Any of our entire line of stand accessories and instrument adapters

Finish Black, Chrome
Max Load (lb) 60
Max Load (kg) 27.3
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 215
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 98
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) lb 290
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) kg 132
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