C47280 Alignment Telescope

Ships in 4 Weeks

Special barrel length telescope

The C47280 is similar to the 2062, and is excellent for establishing and/or holding optical reference lines. The barrel length, magnification, and field of view of this instrument are different than other instruments in our family of alignment telescopes. The barrel length of the C47280 is specifically designed as 10" long. The instrument has no built-in micrometers. It does have a built-in autoreflection target and comes with an autocollimation illumination unit (our 509). The C47280 is classified as National Stock Number NSN 6650-00-424-7237.
Additional general information about our alignment telescopes is available on this website.

May Be Used With

187-S Coincidence Striding Level
2230 Right Angle Eyepiece (discontinued)
2240 Combination Auto-Collimation, Projection, Right Angle eyepiece
2302 Angle reading attachment
2410 Optical Square (discontinued)
2412 Double Optical Square (discontinued)
3205 Cross Level
3220 Coincidence Striding Level (discontinued)
508 Light Source (discontinued)

Barrel Length 10" (254 mm)
Effective aperture 42 mm
Field of View 41 minutes, ±10%
Focusing Range Zero to infinity
Magnification 30x at infinity, ±10%
Optics Fully coated
Reticle All-purpose, double glass, dustproof; cross-pattern with single lines top and right, paired lines bottom and left
Straightness of Line of Sight ±0.002" (0 to 50 ft.); ±0.004" (50 to 100 ft.); 0.5 arcseconds beyond 100 ft.
Telescope Barrel Through-hardened stabilized Stainless Steel
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