721 Adhesive Target

Ships in 2 Weeks

Stick 'em up!

The 721 adhesive target is great for temporary placement of reference points and benchmarks, holding offset centerlines, field testing of instruments and many other applications. Put them on the floor, walls, machinery, instrument stands - just about anywhere (do be a little careful - they have an industrial strength adhesive!). A short line extending to the edge of the sticker from the target pattern aids in positioning the target to previously established marks or a projected reticle pattern. Good for use at shot distances of up to 100 feet.
It has "peel-off" type adhesive backing, and comes in packages of 10.
Length in 1.5
Pattern Black on matte white background, with 0.012", 0.025", 0.050", and 0.100" line spacings
Stock Matte, Non-glare Polyester
Width mm 38
Width in 1.5
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