18-0001 Theodolite Target

Ships in 2 Weeks

For optical sighting: Bull's Eye target on 45° Face

The 18-0001 provides a red bull's eye target on a face which is ground to 45° with respect to the axis of the target's shank. This allows easy sighting from a wide viewing angle. This plug target fits into holders which may be used with our Invar system (see below) or in any 1/4" holder which provides a slip fit for a 0.2498" shank. When used with an Invar tubing assembly, the target pattern is located on the central axis of the tubing stackup.

Effective length: 0.500″ ± 0.0005″ (12.7 mm ± 0.013 mm)

May Be Used With

15960-1-.25 or 15960-25MM-.25 Invar System target holders
740-A Adjustable Floor Target Mount

Shank Diameter 0.2498″ +0.0000″, -0.0005″ for slip fit into 1/4″ target holder
Effective Length 0.500″ ± 0.0005″ (12.7 mm ± 0.013 mm)
Finish Non-glare
Material Stainless Steel
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