6140 2-¼" Diameter Mirrored Target

Ships in 2 Weeks

2¼" dia. Unmounted Mirrored Target

The 6140 mirrored target is used to check the perpendicularity of a part by autoreflection or autocollimation using the first-surface mirror, as well as to position a part on the line of sight using the target image. The target is unmounted and can be fitted directly into the part to be positioned, or into any standard sphere such as our 521-B.

This product is a replacement for our previous mirrored target which was listed as National Stock Number NSN-6650-01-197-0587.
Flat-to-flat shank width tolerance To within -1/4 wavelength of light
Pattern Accuracy Outside diameter is concentric to the pattern within 0.001" (0.03 mm) Glass: 2.2498" dia. (+0.0000", -0.0005"), -1/4” thick. The outer diameter of the glass is cylindrical within .0003" (0.008 mm).
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