8678 Trivet Caps

Ships in 2 Weeks

Protects sensitive floors from trivet points

Our 8678 Padded Trivet Caps are great to use when you want to place one of our heavy duty stands on a surface which may be susceptible to damage, such as a tile or vinyl floor. The caps fit directly onto our 5/8"-11 trivet bolts and have a thin rubber disk on the bottom for extra protection. The caps have a swivel top which compensates for the floor's out-of-flat conditions. The swivel top also helps to allow for adjustment of the trivets without inadvertently removing the caps, although we recommend the use of Loctite or similar thread locker for better performance in this regard. Sold in sets of three. (To order one cap only, specify part number 8678-G1.)

Note: These caps do not fit the larger trivet bolts used on our 232 stands.

May Be Used With

Any of our heavy duty stands which use 5/8"-11 trivet bolts: 230, 231, and 233 Series stands, as well as our 237.

Internal Thread 5/8"-11
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