160 Series Coordinate Micrometers

160 Series Coordinate Micrometers
Ships in 2 Weeks

For simultaneous two-axis measurements

The 160 Series coordinate optical micrometer literally adds a another dimension to precision alignment. We mounted two optical flats in an aluminum housing so that their axes of rotation are at 90 degrees ±15 arcseconds. This allows you to monitor two dimensions simultaneously. Many types of bore analysis jobs typically require this type of dual dimensional control. The 160 will effectively convert any transit or level into an alignment telescope for this type of application. Each micrometer translates the line of sight with an accuracy of ±0.0005" (or ±0.01 mm). The cast aluminum housing has a 1.655" opening to fit the telescope barrel of all Brunson optical tooling transits and levels. Any of four machined slots in the housing (located at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions) fit over a locating pin on Brunson telescope barrels for quick and accurate indexing of the micrometer. A precision glass window acts as a dust cover to protect the optical flats inside. The 160 is available in both English and metric units (refer to the table below).

Micrometer Configurations Available
Model Range Drum Reading Accuracy
160 ±0.100" 0.001" ±0.0005"
160M ±2.5 mm 0.02 mm ±0.01 mm

To use a 160 or 160M on an alignment telescope having a diameter of 2-1/4", please see our 160-A or 160M-A product.

Note: The 160 series micrometers fit Brunson style instruments only. There is no equivalent coordinate micrometer which fits K+E (Cubic Precision) style transits or levels.

May Be Used With

76-RH Transit
545-x Precision Tilting Level
Various micrometer adapters
Also the following discontinued transits: 75-H, 771-H, 376RHN

Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Drum Reading 0.02 mm
Finish Textured Polyurethane
Knobs and Front Ring Clear anodized aluminum
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 2
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 0.91
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) lb 6
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) kg 2.7
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