12410 Series Tooling Ball Tips

12410 Series Tooling Ball Tips
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Provides a precise offset to measure to surfaces

Sometimes you need to measure the distance from a surface - and the 12410 Series Tooling Ball Tips provide the perfect terminator for a stack of Invar tubing. An example would be when shooting a level plane above a machine surface, and you need to extend your scales above the surface using our Invar System. Using a 12410 tip as a hard, "point source" terminator for an Invar stack, with a scale and scale level on top accomplishes the goal. Other uses include measuring from two surfaces to a midpoint, using a scale read from both directions to determine a distance between the surfaces. 
The 12410 series comes in both English and metric units - see the table below for the effective lengths of each.
Model Effective Length*
12410-G1 1" ±0.0003"
12410-G4 25 mm ±0.008 mm

*Effective Length is the distance from the bottom interface surface of the scale holder, which mates with the end of the Invar Tubing, to the tangent on the oppsite side of the tooling ball which is perpendicular to the axis of the tip.

May Be Used With

Any Invar System tubing

Material Stainless Steel
Thread 3/8"-24
Tooling Ball Diameter in 0.5"
Tooling Ball Diameter mm 12.7 mm
Tooling Ball Hardness Rockwell 55
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