2024 Alignment Telescope (Metric)


Ships in 4 Weeks

The 2024 is the metric version of the flagship instrument in our line of alignment telescopes. It is designed specifically to make measurements of deviations from a reference line, and secondarily, to provide an extremely straight optical reference line for any number of alignment applications. It has two built-in optical micrometers which measure at right angles to each other. They allow measurement of lateral shifts perpendicularly from the line of sight, in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The 2024 has a built-in autoreflection target on its objective lens and includes our model 509 autocollimation illumination unit (see photo below).
For additional general information about this instrument, read about our alignment telescopes. See also similar instrument 2022 (English units).
Fully erect image; diopter scale. Right-angle eyepiece and complete projection accessories available.

Optical micrometer:
  • Built-in horizontal and vertical optical micrometers
  • Displacement: ± 1.2 mm, direct reading to 0.02 mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.010 mm over full range
  • Scale graduations are red and black to indicate direction of displacement

May Be Used With

187-S Coincidence Striding Level
2230 Right Angle Eyepiece (discontinued)
2240 Combination Auto-Collimation, Projection, Right Angle eyepiece
2410 Optical Square (discontinued)
2412 Double Sphere Optical Square (discontinued)
3205 Cross Level
3220 Coincidence Striding Level (discontinued)
508 Light Source (discontinued)
Any of our alignment telescope bases

Barrel Diameter 57.14492 mm (+0, -0.0076 mm) or 2.2498″ (+0″, -0.0003″) – meets A.I.A. specifications
Barrel Length 23.3 cm
Effective aperture 42 mm
Field of View 37 minutes at infinity, 42 mm at zero focus
Focusing Range Zero to infinity
Length 45.1 cm
Magnification Varies automatically from 4x at zero focus to 46x at infinity
Optics Fully coated optics used throughout
Reticle All-purpose, double glass, dustproof; cross-pattern with single lines
Straightness of Line of Sight +0.002″ (0 to 50′); +0.004″ (50′ to 100′); 0.5 arcseconds beyond 100′
Telescope Barrel Made of through hardened stabilized stainless steel
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 11.5
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 5.23
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