12410 Series Concave Tips

12410 Series Concave Tips
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Tips for Brunson Invar System that fit on tooling balls

The 12410 Concave Series of tips are designed to work with the Brunson Invar System. On one end, a 3/8"-24 external thread mates to our standard Invar system tubing. The other end provides a concave mount that is made to fit on a 1/2" tooling ball, while holding the effective length to a precisely known standard (see drawing and table below). The concave tips allow you to take measurements from tooling ball fiducials permanently mounted on fixtures, and perform "leapfrogging" measurements using a tooling ball placed temporarily between points of measurement or alignment interest. 
The 12410 series comes in both English and metric units - see the table below for the effective lengths of each.
Model Effective Length*
12410-G2 1" ±0.0003"
12410-G3 2" ±0.0003"
12410-G5 25 mm ±0.008 mm

*Effective Length is the distance from the bottom interface surface of the scale holder, which mates with the end of the Invar Tubing, to the center of a 1/2" tooling ball when cradling the ball with the tip's concave surface.

May Be Used With

Any of our Invar System tubing

Material Stainless Steel
Thread 3/8"-24
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