0.5THE Series Edge Adapter

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Fits an outside corner

The 0.5THE magnetic adapter provides a nest for a 0.5" SMR, locating an edge (outside corner) within ±0.0005".  It also holds the centerpoint of the SMR precisely 0.500" (English version) or 12mm (metric version) above the surface of the part being measured.  A relief groove at the intersection of the adapter's reference planes ensures a good fit over the outside corner of the feature you are measuring.

Choose the desired model number from the table below, which shows both the English and metric versions of this adapter. 

Model Offset "A" Tolerance
0.5THE-.5 0.500" ±0.0005"
0.5THE-12MM 12 mm ±0.013 mm

May Be Used With

Any 0.5" diameter SMR

Diameter in 0.5"
Diameter mm 12.7 mm
Hardness HRC 42-45
Material Stainless Steel
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