562-41 Magnetic Holder For 40" or 1000mm scales

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562-41 Magnetic Scale Holder

For 40" or 1000mm scales

The 562-41 is the larger, stronger magnetic holder needed for our 40" and 1000mm scales. It includes a plastic grip for easy handling, and has an eccentric-pivot lever which gives the user a cam action "lift" to gently remove the unit from any magnetic surface. The scale is captured on the faceplate by two dovetail brackets. One bracket is permanently mounted on the side, the other is secured and tightened by two knurled thumbscrews. If necessary, the entire faceplate pivots slightly to help you place the scale in an orientation which is approximately plumb to the mounting surface. Then, the third knurled thumbscrew fastens the faceplate in the desired orientation. 
Note: This scale holder may not be shipped by air due to its high magnetic field.

May Be Used With

6040, 6100M or discontinued 564W-40 scales only
This magnet will not work with our smaller scales. When using those scales, please see our model 562-A.


Approx. weight:
Scale holder, 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)

Shipping, 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)


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