AIM RetroReflective Target Tape (50 yds)

AIM RetroReflective Target Tape

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AIM retroreflective target tape products are made with 3M 0.005" thick retroreflective material, which has been used in the metrology industry for years. It is custom coated with a strong non-staining acrylic adhesive to allow for clean removal from most surfaces.

The retroreflective target tape has a top coating of matte finished polyester, extending over the retroreflective with the same custom adhesive, allowing it to be cleanly removed from most surfaces even after weeks. This means no pre-masking or post process cleanup is required.

AIM retroreflective target tape has a total thickness of 0.065" and works well on straight, as well as contoured surfaces.

Product Construction:

Length of Roll: 50 yards
Base Material: Retroreflective/polyester
Adhesive: Custom non-staining acrylic
Liner: 53# white densified paper
Total Thickness: 6.5 mils.
Finish: Matte black surrounding the required target diameters
Service Temp: -10° to 165° F
Note: Apply and store in ambient temperature
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